Time + space solutions PROCESS includes:

  • A step by step process that helps you identify your values and intentions

  • A customized plan the identifies areas to be addressed and project timeline

  • A process to minimize the clutter in your life and organize what remains

  • Coaching on how to sustain your progress through habit and lifestyle changes. (This includes both space and time management).

Choose an option that works for you OR book a free 20 minute phone assessment to see what works best for you.

OPtion 1 - fire starter

You are inspired and ready to make changes and get organized on your own - and would like some support and accountability.

You would also like to walk through a process that will help you make necessary changes to stay organized and be more intentional.

You want learn and ensure that you follow though the whole process.

Sessions will include:

  • Initial 1 hour online coaching session

  • Weekly follow up online coaching sessions of (30 min to 45 min)

Monthly Plan

1 month -  $280
3 months - $740

OPtion 2 - supportive flow

You want to learn how get organized and live more intentionally and would like some help to get started.

After trying on your own to get organized, the clutter has started coming back - or you just feel too overwhelmed to do it all yourself. You want to do some of the work on your own, but also want in person guidance along the way.

Sessions will include:

  • One introductory in-person session (4 to 5 hours)

  • Weekly online coaching sessions (30 min to 45 min)

  • Monthly in-person sessions (3 to 4 hours)

Monthly Plan

2 months - $1,200

OPTION 3 - Deep Dive

You want full support and guidance through the whole process.

You have the time and energy to commit to weekly in person sessions to get the ball going.

You are inspired to make life changes and ready to let go of what’s been getting in the way - and want to see quick results.

Sessions will include:

  • One introductory in-person session (4 to 5 hours)

  • Weekly in-person sessions (3 to 4 hours)

  • Weekly online coaching (15 to 30 mins)

Monthly Plan

1 month - $1,860
*Other time frames upon request


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