Intro Special - new clients only

$470 for 5 hours, 2 person team
Includes: 30 minute Phone Assessment and Information Package




Closet Clutter $990

Two (5 hour) sessions with 2 Professional Organizers

We help you minimize, organize, and maintain your wardrobe and accessories, plus one of the following categories: 

  • Linens
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom misc. 
  • Books

10% off (Regular price: $1100)

Home Office $1580

Four (4 hour) sessions with 2 Professional Organizers

Organize (or set up) your home office, including:

  • Paperwork and filing system
  • Stationary
  • Technology setup
  • Work Resources
  • workflow / time management

10% off (Regular price: $1760)

Moving: Mini Purge + Pack $1980

Five (4 hour) sessions with 2 Professional Organizers + 1 Assistant

We help you minimize and pack your belongings so you bring only what matters to you in your new home. 

  • Pick 6 categories: kitchen, books, clothing, bathroom, office supplies, sports equipment, children’s items, hobby materials, decor, misc. 

10% off (Regular price: $2200)


We work in teams of two or three depending on your project needs.

$110 hr team of two
$135 hr team of three


$100 hr home assessment and consultation

$85 hr Phone consultation/coaching

$60 travel fee for travel time exceeding 1 hour in total

Take the first step to see if we're the right fit by booking a free 20 minute phone assessment.