Habit Changing - How To Make it Last

This vlog describes the steps necessary to make lifestyles changes through habit changing by doing both the inner and outer work.

I'm Tonia from Time + Space Solutions and I'm on a mission to live with intention so that my lifestyle matches my values.

I help people do the same by:

Minimizing the clutter in their life.

Organizing what's left and that can be physical space time or even a project.

Lastly, I help them sustain it through change.

Today I'd like to talk to you about one area of a change that I help people with and that's habit changing. Those habits that created the problem to begin with.

The Power Of Habit

Talking about habit changing a great resource is the book called "The Power of Habit" and in that book they talk about the habit loop.

The first part is a cue. A cue is when your brain just automatically goes into, “I don't have to think mode”. And it could be something like looking at dirty dishes and then sighing.

The second part is the routine. A routine is when your brain is says, “okay which behavior do I need to choose from”. If you see those dirty dishes in the sink, you might want to walk away or say five minutes and then a piece of chocolate. At least that's what I do and I don't want to do my dishes.

Which brings me to the next part, the reward. That's when you feel that positive effect of doing something and you want to do it again. For example, doing dishes the reward may be the chocolate but also having that clean clutter free kitchen.

Another aspect of habit changing is the craving, this is what solidifies the loop. When you crave that reward and the routine turns into a habit. Yes, craving the chocolate is nice for doing dishes but also having a clean kitchen.

One other aspect of habit changing is that when you're changing habit you're actually replacing the routine and that creates a new loop. What can also help you change habits are to integrate keystone habits. Keystone habits are great because they disrupt other habits in the flow of your day. For example, if you choose to get up at 6 a.m. that would have a nice positive effect on the rest of your day because you could have more energy, more focused, you might be in a better mood. This is why I usually start with keystone habits when working with clients.


The most important ingredient to habit changing is believing! And beliefs are basically repeated thoughts that form an opinion on the topic or they could be a state of mind. Believing that you're just not good at organizing is a belief and we're evolving beings that can change. It's about making a decision to change and taking action on it.

Statistics and studies actually show that habit changing alone doesn't create lasting change, it's believing that you can do it that will. This is why getting support when you are making life changes is so important, because that support will help you share your challenges, share your success, and help you keep that positive mindset and belief system.

Keystone Habits and Your Morning Routine

It's time to pick one or two keystone habits to get things going. I like to help clients with the morning routine. To get things going I like to help clients with their morning routine. I find that helps in creating that momentum to make the changes necessary in your life.

I do recommend picking a morning routine that works for you there is no set routine a magic trick to have the best day.

What do you want?

What's important to you?

Do you want to get up earlier and make your bed right away?

Is exercise something that you feel will be helpful?

Maybe journaling or meditating or going for a walk.

Regardless of what you pick, pick what you feel will get you into that great mindset, create that momentum to get your day going. And then the magic will happen, where you'll be able to address those other areas of your life that you've been putting off.

Taking Action

To recap in order to live the life that is simpler and closer to your values and intentions, it's really important to look at your habits that you have in your day-to-day life. I invite you to look at your daily routine, what you're telling yourself, what you're believing and what habits might be causing stress that you didn't otherwise realize.

Also remember that if you don’t address those belief systems your habit changing you won't actually last.

Now it's time to pick one or two keystone changing you won't actually rust so now it's time to pick one or two key stone life to bring you closer to the life that you want.

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