Why Organizing Can Feel Like and Uphill Battle

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Hi I'm Tonia from Time and Space Solutions and my professional organizer and coach. Today I'd like to talk to you about the inner aspects of getting organized and why can feel like such an

uphill battle. I had this obsession with getting organized and living a simpler life, so I decided to become a professional organizer. Early on I tried the Marie Kondo approach. I started with my clothing much of which I had from clothing swaps and got for free. Yeah I had this resistance of letting them go. And I realized I actually had a belief of good for now not for good. I soon realized that getting organized was way more than just letting go of things and then organizing what was left. After some digging I realized there are actually three main reasons why people have such a hard time organizing.

Reason 1:

Willingness to change. I've experienced so many times people who are convinced that they don't have enough time money energy or the perfect storage solution and that's why thus far they haven't been able to get organized. When really what it's about, is being willing to change your beliefs habits and lifestyle.

Reason 2:

Attachments. We're all attached to our belongings one way or another.  Some examples are guilt, the big what if, how much money you spent on something, your beliefs habits and of course sentimental. If you want to learn more and how you can shift them check out my blog links below.

Reason 3:

Getting help. We can't be an expert in everything. That's why we seek professionals like personal trainers real estate agents. So find a professional organizer who will teach and empower you and help you with those things that are beyond your scope.

To recap the three ways to help you make the organizing process feel less challenging is to look within. One, be willing to change your beliefs habits and lifestyle. Two, take a look at those attachments and see how you can shift them. Three, get some help hire a professional organizer who can help you be accountable as well as walk you through the process of both the inner and outer aspects of getting organized.

I'm Tonia from Time and Space Solutions thanks for watching and remember to like and subscribe.

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