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Hi I'm Tonia from Time and Space Solutions I'm a professional organizer and life coach. I'm here today to follow up on my last video where I talk to you about what I do, now it's time to tell you how I hope people get organized in three simple steps.

I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me for the magic tip or storage solution to help them get organized.  Yes, I did that too. I got caught up in thinking that if I organize my things in a certain way, I wouldn't have to keep on reorganizing them. I was so wrong. What I realized, is that getting organized is not a tip or rule to follow.  It's actually about addressing your inner beliefs and habits as well as addressing your space. So I created three simple steps to address all of that and help you shift your life from clutter to clarity.

Step 1 Minimize

Here I help you figure out what your goals are, what we need to organize in order to achieve your goals and lastly what do you need to let go of that's getting in the way.

Step 2 Organize

What I find in this step, is that if you're honest and if you let go of what doesn't match your goals, we actually don't need to buy storage solutions.

What I find most effective is one zoning what's left and that means putting similar items together so for example your spices. The second principle that I find very helpful is giving everything a home. Yes giving all of your items a home.

Step 3 Sustain

This is the most important part of the process. It's here where we revisit your awareness that you gained in the beginning of the process and notice what your habits and belief systems were that we're creating the clutter. Unless you address that inner stuff your outer environment is not going to stay the same. So here I coach and empower you into shifting those habits and beliefs so that you can stay organized for good.


The three basic steps to getting organized for good are:

1. Minimize: get rid of that clutter that doesn't match your life goals.

2. Organize: Organize what's left into zones and giving every item a permanent home.

3. Sustain: Make sure you shift those clutter creating habits and beliefs.

I'm Tonia from time and space solutions thanks for watching remember to like and share and check out my blog below to learn how you can get organized for good!

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