About Time + Space Solutions

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I have such a passion to learn how people behave, how to live minimally, how to organize, how to be healthy, how to be conscious. So I feel like I've just married everything that I do in my own life and created a process so that I can help other people do it faster because it's taking me 15 years to figure it out on my own.

I'm Tonia I'm the founder of time and space solutions I'm a professional organizer and coach. And people always ask me what I do, and essentially I help make your life easier.

I help you minimize the clutter in your life. So we declutter your home. I hope you organize it, then I teach you how to maintain it through changing habits. I coach you in that part which is my favorite and the time management. The best part of this whole process is that it actually helps you lower your carbon footprint, it connects you with yourself, your family, your friends, your dreams, and you have more time to be with your community.

Remember to check out my website (services) you can see all the different ways that  I can help you and the different options, as well as my newsletter which has lots of great information on how you can grow, change and evolve.

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