Why rules and tips alone don’t work

You might be wondering why I say tips don’t work when I use tips in some of my monthly newsletters. Tips are most helpful when (1) after completing a process OR (2) to help you prepare for the process of letting go and changing.
Tips alone cannot make long term, meaningful changes.

Problems with tips and rules:

  1. They don’t address underlying habits:
    Tips may change a small behaviour, but they don’t address the underlying issue of why you had too much stuff to begin with. For example: “when you buy one new item, get rid of an old item”. This regulates the number of items you have, but doesn’t actually help you figure out what you use, and what you actually want to keep.

  2. They don’t help you change your lifestyle:
    Think about spring cleaning. How often have you thoroughly purged and cleaned your house, only for the clutter to return by the next year? Clutter is something that affects a person’s space and life — the real lasting change only happens when you commit to making lifestyle and habit changes.

  3. It’s easy to regress:
    Tips are quick fixes, like a fad diet or a New Year’s resolution, as soon as you stop them the problem comes back, or they are short lived. We find our clients are most successful when they go through a personalized process that allows them to gain insight and make meaningful changes to shift their thinking and habits.

Stay tuned for next month when I discuss how to better identify your goals and start the organizing process!

Tonia CordiComment