Identifying Your Intentions and Creating a Process

Setting up intentions for your space and life is key to making lasting change. It’s important that your intentions are in alignment with your values and they are also the first step to start the process of change and getting organized.

When I work with clients I walk them through a 7 step process that addresses their intentions, areas of need, personal obstacles, and methods to make changes and maintain new spaces and habits. As you go through the process you learn about yourself and why you had clutter to begin with. This awareness and action is what creates change, not one-off tips.

Setting Intentions and Going Through a Process Leads to:

  1. Awareness: By focusing on organizing one small category at a time using a process (ie. clothing) you start to better understand your personal habits that create clutter.

  2. Acceptance: Going through a process helps you see the big picture of how clutter entered your life. Accepting the cause of the clutter will help you make change and stick to your intentions that you set out.

  3. Action: With this gained awareness and acceptance of past habit you can now make more meaningful and purposeful choices that will keep you organized!

Feeling overwhelmed with how to figure out your intentions?
We’ll provide some effective guidelines our June editions to get moving!

Tonia CordiComment