How To Implement Your Goals

Making goals is inspiring and exciting — implementing them is another story. After creating your goals, it’s key to reflect on your barriers (and why you’ve procrastinated in the past) and create strategies to ensure you follow through.

  1. Plan:
    A good plan needs a time frame to be completed. Set times to work on the goals weekly, daily and monthly. It’s helpful to block out this time in your schedule/calendar to ensure you have committed time for it. Most importantly, stick to these time commitments as best as you can — no change will happen unless you put in the work.
  2. Process, not perfection:
    Goals require making a lifestyle and habit change which takes time. Other things may pop up and temporarily take priority. Allow yourself flexibility and just keep returning to your habit goals and reminding yourself why they are a priority to you.
  3. Be accountable:
    Who can be on your team to help you be accountable: a professional, a friend, a support group? Being held accountable helps you stay motivated and stay on track.

Next up: How getting organized can help create positive impact on the environment.

Tonia CordiComment