Decorations or Disaster?

Seasonal change and celebrations usually require pulling out items that only visit us once a year.  Are you afraid to open up those bins and boxes?!?  Don’t be, because this year you have a plan.  Below is an example of how to use our process to tackle decorations or seasonal items.

Review your Goal

Remember the beautiful holiday you envisioned? Now it’s time to make it happen. Remind yourself of your holiday goals before you even think about taking out your decorations.

Sorting and Letting Go Time!

When organizing your seasonal items, it’s EXTREMELY important to unpack and sort everything into categories before you start to discard things. This gives you an accurate view of how much you’ve accumulated.

What does this look like? For example, if I’m pulling out tree ornaments then I would sort all of them into smaller categories: lights, wood decorations, glass balls etc. I would then go through each small group (eg. glass balls), keeping the things that I love and dispose of the things that are broken or no longer suit my needs.

Zone it

When putting up your decor, creating focal points instead of having decorations everywhere makes unpacking and packing them easier. It’s also more purposeful and visually pleasing to look at an arrangement as opposed to seeing random decorations all over a space.

Zoning in one location is key when putting away your seasonal items, so find one home for all of your decorations after the holidays!
Live it

As the season progresses, pay attention to how everything feels. Do items make you feel happy when you look at them? Do you even notice that they are there? Are things in the way of you doing your daily tasks?

After the Holidays

When it’s time to put everything away, you’ll find it easier now that you have the right amount. Using shoe boxes within larger bins is helpful. Also putting items away in the subcategories you’ve created helps you keep them organized and have a realistic view of what you have.

Was this helpful? What makes getting your space organized challenging?

P.S. The December issues are all about making your New Year’s organizing goals last throughout the year.

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