WHY I Created TSS

I live with intention and purpose and want to help others do the same. Living this way improves my relationship with my time, space and choice. This purposeful way of living also means that my lifestyle is a reflection of my values.

HOW I help others

I walk people through a process that: Minimizes life clutter by looking at what’s getting in the way of living out their intentions. Organizes what’s left after letting go of items, beliefs and habits that created the clutter. Sustains progress through coaching people on habits, routines and lifestyle changes.

the results

You become more present and better able to make decisions that match your intentions and values because both their inner and outer world are declutter and organize. You have also made the necessary changes needed to shift out of old ways of being and move past barriers that held you back in the past. 




I know that getting organized - and staying organized - is not easy to do alone. I believe in targeting the root of the problem, instead of wasting time with organizing trends and storage solutions.

I begin by mapping out your intentions and values with you: Why do you want to be organized? What are your values and intentions? What areas of your life do you feel disconnected to? What are you feeling overwhelmed by? 

These intentions become the foundation of the lifestyle change and organizing process and act as reference points to keep you motivated. Through coaching sessions your individual reflection, I will help you become more aware of your current barriers and beliefs and help you make lasting changes. The end results include: an organized space, effective time management, and an ongoing practice of mindfully living your values. Learn more about specific services and rates here.




1. value and intention Oriented

I focus on your values, intentions and passions, and then organize what’s needed to achieve your specific goals. The end result goes beyond having an organized space -- my mission is to help you create an organized life that makes it easier to live intention through your everyday actions, habits and beliefs.


Depending on your needs, we can focus on organizing physical spaces and electronic files, time management, specific projects and overall lifestyle changes. I understand that many factors affect a person’s ability to stay organized and focused. I help you gain clarity on the areas of your life that need addressing and then integrate organization being intentional into your life.



The process of getting organized and living with intention involves a practical layer of your physical space, but more importantly involves an internal awareness of your habits, core beliefs, thoughts and relationships to your belongings. I take you through a process to helps you shift these day-to-day habits and actions that create clutter, so you can mindfully live your goals. Many clients have held beliefs that they are inherently disorganized and through this process I have seen those personal narratives change.


I truly believe in living sustainably in all areas of your life and being a conscious consumer. Through the process of minimizing and organizing, I provide support and external resources to donate and reuse as much as possible. (Check out our donation resources!) For me, getting organized also means having a positive impact on the environment — that’s why I continue to coach you after the organizing process to help you live sustainably in all areas of your life.




TONIA CORDI // Lifestyle + Space Organizer 

I’ve always been interested in systems, well-being, creative problem solving and sustainability. My career has included over 15 years experience working as a teacher in the education system, with an Honors B.A. in Psychology, a Bachelor’s in Education and a background in fine art.

In 2014, I shifted my focus from the education sector to organizing. In my organizational practice, I utilize my education and psychology experience, as well as my passion for well-being, intentional living and environmental sustainability.

For me, organizing is more than labeling and creating efficient spaces -- it's about coaching individuals to become more aware of their relationship to their belongings and realize how this relationship manifests in their beliefs and lifestyle choices. It’s about closing the gap between a person’s values and choices. I facilitate a process that teaches individuals simple strategies and skills needed to shift past habits, become aware of their beliefs and empower them to make positive changes in their day to day life.

My dream is to empower and help individuals, communities and organizations to gain focus and clarity so they can live more purposefully and sustainably.