Living With Intention

Minimize. Organize. Sustain.


Why I Created TSS

I live with intention and purpose and want to help others do the same. Living this way improves my relationship with my time, space and choices. This purposeful way of living means that my lifestyle is a reflection of my values.

How I help others

I walk people through a process that:
Minimizes life clutter.
Organizes what’s left.
Sustains progress through habit, belief and lifestyle changes.


The results

You live with more awareness and mindfulness of your day to day habits, thoughts and beliefs. You live more intentionally in all areas of your life. And of course, you are calmer because the spaces around you are organized, you use your time more effectively, and your lifestyle truly matches your values.

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"Tonia and Meaghan were indispensable in helping me declutter and organize my house. They provided clear thinking, perspective and motivation. It was wonderful and very encouraging to see the quick results. On my own, I have found the process of organizing to be overwhelming and slow. I am too close to my stuff to make much headway."